Visualize drop-substrate interaction in real time.


In order to achieve high print quality, it is important to not only look at inkjet drops in flight, but also the drops interacting with the substrate. The JetXpert Surface Add-On helps to visualize the critical moment of impact to identify phenomena such as splashing or spreading. This is not a contact angle measurement tool — these are actual-size, jetted drops in a simulated print environment. This enables the user to optimize ink formulations and substrates for a particular application, leading to the best prints possible.

Built for versatility.

One tool for all your substrate testing.

Surface is custom-built for your rigid or flexible, transparent substrate — so use it to test a wide variety of alternative ink and substrate combinations. You can even look at printed drops at different times, to compare the spread of a drop just after impact to one that landed seconds before. Switching between printheads is not a problem, and neither is attaching or removing the Surface from your JetXpert as your testing changes.