Meet JetXpert

The complete drop-in-flight analysis solution for the inkjet and dispensing markets.


By pairing a high speed strobe light with a zooming camera and synchronizing them with the printhead firing, the JetXpert dropwatcher is able to capture clear images of single drops in flight. Then the powerful ImageXpert software analyzes those images to perform measurements to your specifications. You can use this data to drive future testing, working towards perfecting your ink formulation or printing process.

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Drop visualization.

You can’t improve what you can’t see.

Monitor satellite formation. Study ligament collapse. Compare drop-to-drop and nozzle-to-nozzle consistencies. All made possible through the industry-leading imaging technology built into the JetXpert dropwatcher.

Numbers are fundamental.

Accurately collect critical measurements in real time.

With a single drop, JetXpert can measure trajectory, velocity, average radius, and volume. This is more than enough for most developers, but the software can be customized to include additional measurements for your unique needs. This information is automatically recorded, viewable in Microsoft Excel or similar, where it can easily be incorporated into tables, plots, and reports.

One size fits all.

JetXpert works with any printhead and ink combination.

Inline JetXpert

A dropwatcher built for large printhead arrays.

The Inline JetXpert allows you to analyze large groups of printheads with its unique angled design. A printhead assembly of any size can freely scan over the system because the dropwatcher is positioned below the printheads, looking up at the nozzles. This makes it easy to add dropwatching capabilities to your production printing system so you can visualize and measure the jetting performance during production. Also, the angled design is perfect for studying meniscus activity at the nozzles, even if they are recessed.

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JetXpert 3D

Measure drop trajectory in two planes, simultaneously.

Easily analyze a drop’s flightpath in three dimensions with JetXpert 3D. All the capabilities of a JetXpert, doubled.

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