Lesson 1: How to Optimize Inkjet Waveforms

In this lesson, we will discuss how waveforms work in industrial inkjet printheads with a focus on how to optimize them to improve jetting. The main benefits of waveform optimization are improved jetting stability, faster drop velocity, reduced satellite formation, and finer control over drop volume. The stitched images used in this course were captured using a JetXpert Dropwatcher integrated with Global Inkjet Systems drive electronics for automated waveform sweeping. This course features videos of jetting from Ricoh Gen5, Dimatix Starfire SG1024, Dimatix Samba G3L, and Epson S3200 printheads.


Chinese Subtitles

Japanese Subtitles


Full Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1: How to Optimize Inkjet Waveforms

Lesson 2: Choosing a Printhead

Lesson 3: Analyzing Print Quality

Lesson 4: Latency, Decap, Open Time (Coming Soon)

Lesson 5: Wetting (Coming Soon)

Lesson 6: Satellites (Coming Soon)

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