Automated Waveform Optimization

Analyze drop performance while automatically adjusting a waveform parameter.


Finding the correct waveform parameters to maximize your ink’s performance is an important, but tedious, part of inkjet development. Small changes to voltage, pulse width, rise time, and other waveform settings can make a big difference, so it is often necessary to test a wide range of values in very small increments. With XSweep, simply specify what parameter you want to adjust and the range of values you want to test, and the software will automatically manipulate the waveform and analyze the drops. For each test, you get images and data to help decide the optimal combination of settings to create a better waveform. Whether you are trying to adjust drop volume or velocity, eliminate satellites, or minimize wetting, let XSweep find the right settings for you.

XSweep is custom-built to control Global Inkjet Systems drive electronics, but can be modified to work with any driver accepting remote commands.